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Phone #:713-947-9477
Fax # :713-947-2229
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Maintenance, Repair and Support Plan
Atricom Telecommunications, Inc. is concerned with you, the customer. We will do our best to meet your needs in product support and service. If you have questions concerning the operation of the equipment or the services you purchased from our company, please contact Tommy Gust at 281-413-0233 or
Our hours of operation are 7:30am - 5:30pm. M-F CST.
NOTE: If the product you purchased is under warranty by the manufacturer and needs service, contact Lee Castanada at 713-419-9846. Information will be provided for the direct contact responsible for the warranty.
Statement of Guarantee
Atricom Telecommunications, Inc. guarantees to make available equivalent replacement parts for any  product sold to the state for at least 3 year(s) after a product is discontinued.All materials and labor has a 3 year warranty.
NIGP 962-18
CABLE CONSTRUCTION, INSTALLATION and MAINTENANCE( Fiber Optic, Communication, Computer, ect.) MANUFACTURER List Price State Price
Plenum Cat5E Cable MOHAWK $0.23 $0.21
Cat5E Insert LEVITON $3.71 $3.44
2 Port Stainless Faceplate LEVITON $5.20 $4.81
Cat5E 48 Port Patch Panel LEVITON $143.10 $132.50
Blank Insert LEVITON $0.20 $0.19
7'X 19" relay Rack CHATSWORTH $159.30 $147.50
Ground Buss Bar CHATSWORTH $64.80 $60.00
12" Ladder Rack CHATSWORTH $60.75 $56.25
Bracket CHATSWORTH $24.30 $22.50
Wire Hanger CADDY $1.35 $1.25
Power Sum Plenum Cat5E Cable Commscope $0.43 $0.39
Mounting Hardware ATRICOM $114.75 $106.25
Cable Installation Labor Rate Per Man Hour ATRICOM-LBR $32.50 $30.50
  XXX-XX $0.00 $0.00