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Founded by technicians, not bureaucrats, Atricom is built on an unwavering commitment to customer service.



Atricom Telecommunications, Inc., a telephone and data service company, was founded on the premise that excellent service is the key to growth within the proprietary telecommunications industry. The result is that Atricom Telecommunications, Inc. is moving to the forefront in technical capabilities, product diversity, engineering and service. Atricom provides a comprehensive analysis of the communications requirements unique to the individual client needs. The enables management to intelligently select the most cost effective and efficient system.


After proposal acceptance, Atricom coordinates equipment scheduling, installation, and telephone line service requirements, and handles all details necessary to ensure a smooth transition without service interruption. Installation shall include premium time necessary to affect a cutover during non-regular business hours to avoid service interruption.


Atricom provides certified technicians, quality products, manufacturer support, expedient service and complete component backup for your system. All major service requests will be responded to within (4) four hours. Minor service within (24) tweny-four hours, seven days a week. Major service requirements include problems that affect a group of trunks, a group of telephones, or your ability to effectively process your incoming and/or outgoing calls. Minor service requirements include problems effecting only one trunk, one telephone, or occasional call processing failures.


With certified technicians, that have a total of over fifty years of combined experience, service to our clients is their number one priority. Our entire management and service personnel look forward to supporting your telecommunication and data requirements at your locations. Please contact us at 713-947-9477 to schedule a time and date to evaluate your needs.

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