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We have tight Quality Assurance policies, and we maintain all the highest industry standards through every phase of our work

At Atricom Telecommunications, Inc., we have learned that good customer service is no accident, but a concerted effort on our part to fulfill the customerís needs. Quality is a logical result of our working principles. These principles provide to our customers those products and services that offer superior value, the highest quality possible within the customerís schedule and a quality measured by the achievement of our customerís purposes through our products and services. The quality of our work is also measured by cause and effect analysis, which helps us to focus attention on those areas in need of improvement.

Atricom strives to maintain the highest quality standards under the direct supervision of our founders who have a combined total of fifty years experience in the
telecommunications industry and is dedicated to total customer satisfaction. We only employ those persons that have a desire to put customers first. All projects are
supervised for quality, efficiency, and technicians are monitored for proper procedures, which are smart, efficient, and give the best result. All procedures are based on EIA-TIA 568B Standards, as well as OSHA Part 1910 and 1926 Standards. All installations are performed in accordance with customer specifications and will meet AT&T, Bell and BICSI Standards.

We seek our employees and customersí input on all areas of work with the goal of reducing waste and increasing quality.

Superior quality in a highly competitive business world is a foremost prerequisite for a companyís success and this fact has established Atricom as a leader for over a decade. We are a full-service company and quality service is our most valuable asset.

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